Shane DuBose

Shane DuBose





July 28, 1966


Wife: Allison


Bobby Gilbert


Hunting, Golf

Team Name: Team K&V

Partner Name: Bobby Gilbert

Technique Strength: Sight casting, reading water for right activity

Technique Weakness: Second guessing myself

Favorite Bay or Water: All of Louisiana, eastern Texas bay systems from Seadrift over to Sabine Lake

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Florida

Favorite Bait: Double D spinner baits, durable heavy gauge wire, great blades with Baad marine jig heads( the most durable jig heads on the market)

Favorite Rod: Waterloo Rods (cranking mag 6'9", Mag 3.5 6'9" (sight casting and strong enough to flip fish in the boat from the tower), Bait runner 7'6" (throwing spoons)

Favorite Knot: Modified albright, Palomar knot (Both of these knots are easy to tie and very strong)

Favorite Boat: Shoalwater 23 cat; 23'6" long ( This boat is long enough to catch the next wave in heavy water, very wide which provides plenty of room and deck space, floats in 8" of water and will run in 5", ( The performance of this boat in both 2-3 foot waves as well as very shallow ponds is 2nd to none)

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 6

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 28

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Yes, anxiety of making the right decisions and fear that your fish you have located will move.

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 9.2lbs

Your most memorable fishing moment: Winning my first tournament

Your biggest fishing influence: My grandfather, he showed me the basics and taught me how to be patient and appreciate the blessing that God has given us!

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