Paul Braly

Paul Braly







Wife: Holly, Children:  Isla


Bartt Caron


Fishing, Playing Guitar, Spending time with my daughter, going to the movies

Team Name: Braly/Caron

Partner Name: Bartt Caron

Technique Strength: I am strongest at running singles. I get the boat right where it needs to be for my partner or myself to make the perfect cast.

Technique Weakness: Having the patience for sight fishing when there are long waits in between fish.

Favorite Bay or Water: I like using 4" gulp in the upper Laguna Madre while fishing redfish schools. I like using 4" power baits in Delacroix because it doesn't matter what the water looks like the hammer them.

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Poppy in the intracoastal anywhere.

Favorite Bait: 4" Berkley Power Bait Glow with Chart tail because they work everywhere. nt.

Favorite Rod: 7' Waterloo Baitrunner because they have the backbone needed for marsh donkeys.

Favorite Knot: Surgeons knot, Palomar knot

Favorite Boat: Majek Illusion 22' because it gets me where the fish are.

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 4 - 5

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 36

Do you get nervous before tournaments? No fished so many I'm pretty relaxed these days.

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 9lb in Delacroix.

Your most memorable fishing moment: My daughters first redfish.

Your biggest fishing influence: I actually have 3, My dad because he is a fish magnet and he always took my brother and me fishing and never let us quit. My grandfather because he taught us about the redfish schools, surf fishing and beach fishing. Robert Hill because he took me out taught me how to drive a boat, catch reds on lures and about back lakes / pond fishing and got me the base I needed to be where I am today!

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