Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw





June 27, 1970


Children:  Travis


Jimmie Dooms



Team Name: Team Stiffy

Partner Name: Jimmie Dooms

Technique Strength: Sight Casting

Technique Weakness: Long Casts (Everyone gives me a hard time about it but I still spank their butts!)

Favorite Bay or Water: Delacroix, LA

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Galveston, TX

Favorite Bait: Flats Intruder 1/2 oz. Copper Spoon made by Cajun Thunder

Favorite Rod: STIFFY 7' Medium Heavy Rod

Favorite Knot: Leader to line I tie a uni to uni knot. Lure to leader I tie a knot that is called the Merrill Chandler Loop-Knot.

Favorite Boat: 23' Majek Illusion with a tower

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 5

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 30

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Yes

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 11 3/4 lb. Red caught in my home waters prefishing for the 2007 FLW!

Your most memorable fishing moment: Winning the last FLW tournament with Tadd Vandemark.

Your biggest fishing influence: My Grandfather - Frank Lauer!!!

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