Kevin Akin

Kevin Akin





June 24, 1974




Eddie Adams


Fishing, Hunting

Team Name: Team Waterloo

Partner Name: Eddie Adams

Technique Strength: Still trying to figure this out.

Technique Weakness: Myself

Favorite Bay or Water: Venice, Louisiana because of it's vastness. It is an area I still learn more about every time I fish there.

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Freeport, Texas because of the poor visibility/water clarity.

Favorite Bait: Bass Assassin morning glory sea shad because of its versatility. It works well in numerous situations.

Favorite Rod: Waterloo 7 foot Heavy Cranker because of its durability and longevity.

Favorite Knot: Uni knot because of its strength and its multiple applications.

Favorite Boat: Haynie 25 Magnum because its speed and shallow water performance.

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 4

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 8

Do you get nervous before tournaments? No, but I used to.

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 10 plus pounds in 2016 in Orange, Texas.

Your most memorable fishing moment: Every one.

Your biggest fishing influence: There are too many to name. Many people I have fished with have been influenced me in some way.


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