Glenn Winningham

Glenn Winningham





March 29, 1978


Wife: Monique, Children:  Tripp


Jaime Pinter


Fishing, Hunting, and spending time with my wife and 3 year old son Tripp.

Team Name:Pinter/Winningham

Partner Name:Jaime Pinter

Technique Strength: I would say my 2 main strengths are; to try and think "outside the box" by never discounting a particular area or particular technique in that area AND to always stay positive and calm on tourney day.

Technique Weakness: Trying to figure out "if they will eat anything else?"

Favorite Bay or Water: Matagorda/Where I learned how to fish. Upper Laguna/For the vast area/options it provides and the water is always clean to me! Delacroix/Vast area and great sight fishing.

Least Favorite Bay or Water: POC/Too crowded. Port Isabel/Too far.

Favorite Bait: Dark Colored Bass Assassins/They are very soft, which creates a more realistic feel.

Favorite Rod: Laguna 6'9 Redfish Special/Tons of backbone, but good enough action to chunk 1/4 ounce baits.

Favorite Knot: Palomar/It doesn't break

Favorite Boat: JH Performance Outlaw 23.5/Handling, Ride, Shallow water capability is ridiculous, and GREAT PEOPLE TO WORK WITH.

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 8

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 30

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Sure I get nervous, but that is because I am a very competitive individual. Getting nervous is a good thing as long as you can handle it right!

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 10+lbs

Your most memorable fishing moment: Winning the 2013 Rudy's G-Town event with a long-time friend.

Your biggest fishing influence: My uncle, Richard Waller. He worked directly with Lew Childre and Shimano designing reels and fished for a living during the 70's and 80's. Every time I talk/talked to him, it is about fishing. Him and my dad would always go on fishing trips together and leave me at home, saying I was too young. It would always burn me up and make me want to go more!

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