Danny McGuire

Danny McGuire





June 1, 1965


Wife: Terri


Jim Bobinger


Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Cooking

Team Name: Texas de Brazil

Partner Name: Jim Bobinger

Technique Strength: Use of my electronics. Most guys only use their graph for the GPS. I use side imaging and down imaging to help locate fish. The ability to maintain focus for an extended period of time. When making cast after cast for 8 hours plus it can become monotonous but that next cast could be the difference between first and last. The use of a wide variety of baits. Coming from a tournament bass fishing background I will change baits constantly till I find what's working.

Technique Weakness: I suck at sight fishing. I can see fish but some of the guys I fish with can tell you the weight and how many spots that have. They all look like 9 pounders to me! I'm sure I have a bunch of weaknesses but when I find them that's what I work on most. Working on improving my sight fishing abilities but so far not getting any better. Ray Charles is a better at sight fishing.

Favorite Bay or Water: Espírito Santo Bay and San Antonio Bay because they are my home waters. Trinity Bay because of the deep water and big reds.

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Not any in particular but I don't like bays that I can't get away from a crowd.

Favorite Bait: Down South magic grass. If I'm throwing plastic 99% of the time that's what I'm throwing. I've caught reds, trout and flounder year around on it.

Favorite Rod: Hook Spit Pitchfork hands down the best all around rod for what I do.

Favorite Knot: Palomar is the knot I tie the majority of the time. It's the quickest strongest knot to tie.

Favorite Boat: Shallowsport 24' sport. I fish really shallow waters that are a long ride from the dock. I cross deep water in a big bay to get to really skinny water in back lakes. This boat gets me there fast, safe, comfortable and reliable. I only have to think about fishing. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 4

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 19

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Yes. I'm very competitive and it's like when I played football I get close to getting sick before the take off. I also don't sleep the night before. Been like that since peewee football. But as soon as it starts I go into eye of the tiger mode.

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 27 3/4" nine pound seven ounce....... we'll actually my wife caught that one but I guided her to it. ...!

Your most memorable fishing moment: Every time my wife or one of my nieces caught their personal best.

Your biggest fishing influence: Blaein Friermood. He taught me I wasn't nearly as good of a fisherman as I though I was.

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