Chris Evans

Chris Evans





January 10, 1972


Wife: Jeanie


Matt Stennett


Hunting, Anything Outdoors

Team Name:  Livin the Dream

Partner Name: Matt Stennett

Technique Strength: Grinding an established pattern whether it be banging corks in dirty water or site casting in clean water. Both came into play in our last tournament as an example.

Technique Weakness: Open/deep water school fishing. Spent some time this last summer trying to add it to my list of strengths but it's not quite there yet. Something I will continue to work on.

Favorite Bay or Water: Louisiana marsh...the place is unbelievable! I've never seen a more "target rich environment". Late summer/early fall the Laguna Madre can equal the LA marsh, but if you gave me only one choice to fish for the rest of my life...Louisiana marsh is where it's at. If I had to narrow it down...I'd say Delacroix.

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Galveston bay. It's an excellent fishery with extremely solid fish, both redfish and trout. Redfishing wise it's probably my weakest bay system to fish due to the majority of deep water school fishing. When the surrounding marsh is on though I feel plenty comfortable there too. We'll see what we can do about making this bay system one of our favorites in the future.

Favorite Bait: Berkley Power Bait paddle tail. It's an extremely versatile bait that can be rigged several different ways. Almost everyday I'm on the water I will have a rod rigged with one.

Favorite Rod: Redfish-Hookspit ATR, 7'. With the exception of throwing corks I can literally throw anything I want to throw at them and the ATR will handle the abuse of tournament sized reds. For corks I prefer the Hookspit Redfish wrangler 7' or Hookspit Blackwater 8' only because they're a bit stiffer and allow me to really get those corks out there if I need to cover water. Trout-Hookspit Recon 6'9". The Recon blank is unbelievably sensitive and I can throw almost anything with it....mid sized topwaters, corky's or plastics. If I had to bail out of the boat for a wintertime trout wade I be doing it with a Recon.

Favorite Knot: Palomar for a terminal knot, arguably the strongest knot out there and when you're trying to land the big'uns strength is where it's at. Uni-knot for braid to leader knot is the only way to go.

Favorite Boat: Haynie Boats, is there any other? I prefer the v-hulls, HO and Magnum because of the way they handle chop and the speed, but when you need to get skinny the 21' Super Cat is what it's all about.

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 6

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 39

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Absolutely! Why? I don't know for sure, but I would say it's because of the competition. When the "butterflies" go away you're not having fun anymore in my opinion. There have been several occasions that we were on the right fish that didn't work out with the right bites...I think the butterflies come from hoping for those right bites.

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: Tournament day - 9.46 Houma, La. Oct '15

Your most memorable fishing moment: I would have to say putting my 6 year old nephew on his first limit of trout. Other than casting and netting he did everything by himself. To say I was a proud uncle would be an understatement. I love getting the youngsters involved!!

Your biggest fishing influence: My grandfather, Blackie, was the first mostly catfish and crappie fishing growing up. After his passing my Dad kept it going with bass fishing with lures.

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