Charlie Barton

Charlie Barton





December 18, 1958


Wife: Pam, Children:  Cody, Jayda


Cody Barton


Fishing, Hunting, Surfing

Team Name: Team Barton

Partner Name: Cody Barton

Technique Strength: Sight fishing

Technique Weakness: Dead sticking

Favorite Bay or Water: Anywhere in Louisiana

Least Favorite Bay or Water: Mississippi / Alabam

Favorite Bait: TTF Red Killer

Favorite Rod: Waterloo

Favorite Knot: One that doesn't break.

Favorite Boat: Majek

Started Fishing At the Age Of: 6

Started Fishing Tournaments at the Age Of: 16

Do you get nervous before tournaments? Yes

Largest Slot Redfish caught to date: 10.2lbs

Your most memorable fishing moment: Winning the Rojo Classic with Cody

Your biggest fishing influence: Father, Fishing was how we made our living we were shrimpers and commercial fisherman we grew up repairing nets and building trout lines before school and after school. Fishing has always major part of our life's and always will.

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